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You Can't Trust A Tortured Brain: Neuroscience Discredits Coercive Interrogation

About Daniel E. Daniel E. Daniel Elton Harmon. Books by Daniel E. Trivia About The Tortured Mind. It was dead quiet. I tried my best to explain. I was there to attend the first ever Unity and Hope Conference, a weekend gathering of targeted individuals. The TIs were there to learn and organize and to be reminded that they were not alone.

The Tortured Mind Of Dan Harmon

Graafstra wanted to help. Among other things, his implants allow him to unlock his car and operate a smart gun that only he can fire.

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Shortly after news of his implants was published in March , he got his first piece of hate mail. I tried really hard to engage. But his logical appeals rarely mattered—the people on the other end had already made up their minds.

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It was the main meeting area, and it was warm and cheerful inside: Classic rock played from the sound system, and attendees, mostly in their forties and fifties and mostly white, drank tea and ate brownies under fluorescent lights. They were, for the most part, friendly and talkative. The venue was a nature education center, a summer camp for kids, but that evening the long hallways, orange carpet, and outdated furniture seemed somehow eerie. I set my bags down in an empty room and went back to the cafeteria, where the lights would soon dim for the showing.

Over grainy archival footage, a monotoned narrator explained the shadowy history of CIA programs like the original Phoenix , an assassination and torture initiative that killed as many as 40, suspected Viet Cong supporters during the Vietnam War. Next, the documentary reviewed the infamous MK Ultra program, carried out by CIA operatives and psychologists during the Cold War, a true history that sounds like a horror film: heavy doses of LSD, sleep deprivation, intensive electro-shock therapy, alleged experiments on children, psychological torture.

They are still attacking US citizens through covert, powerful electronic weapons today, and the victims are the targeted individuals. The droning narrative and disturbing imagery made me increasingly unnerved, and I left before the film ended. Back in my dorm room, I stayed awake late, listening to sirens and tires screeching in the distance.

In the morning there were around 50 attendees gathered in the presentation room.

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The day began with a talk by Matthew Aaron, a PhD in neurobiology who was working on an article on bioluminescent fish for Nature magazine when his targeting began. Today, Aaron works as a science consultant in Washington, DC, and he began his talk with a disclaimer: His presentation was aimed at the general public, not the expert audience in front of him. He thanked the non-TIs who had shown up at the conference. Through the next hour, he detailed evidence of his own targeting and the potential technologies used against him: from low-intensity microwaves from the neighbor next door to military electronic beams.

The next two days were packed with similar dissections of targeting technology, testimonials, and action plans. A woman showed the unlikely links that popped up when she began typing code names for the CIA and MK Ultra into a local property deed website. David Voigts, a former Naval officer, spoke about walking across the US to raise awareness of nonconsensual human experimentation.


His talk moved the TIs to line up after and shake his hand in gratitude. During breaks and meals, TIs who had never met before discovered shared symptoms and compared notes and theories, from who was behind their targeting government agencies, criminal organizations, big tech companies, people in their own lives to ways to detect or shield themselves against the technology. They were full of information and desperate to learn more. They were engineers and scientists and artists, former government and military employees, and some, like Liza, had driven more than 2, miles to attend.

In , she drove from the Midwest to New York City, sleeping in her car for two weeks while she met with nonprofits she hoped to enlist in combatting the problem: the Center for Constitutional Rights, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, and Physicians for Human Rights.

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She hoped that someone would help put a stop to the injustices she suffered. But at the conference, she and the other TIs were among people who understood them, people who spoke the same language. Outside the presentation room, beneath the sun and the blue sky, if I could momentarily forget that we were talking about mind control, it almost felt like I was at an adult summer camp.

And at the end of the third day, the TIs gathered together on a hill for a group photo. Getting a decent photo took some jostling. Similar theories popped up with the advent of the telegraph and cell phones.

More than years later, the narrative sounds startlingly familiar. The difference?

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Today, prototypes of directed energy weapons actually do exist though none are in use; the UN banned blinding laser weapons in and sonic weapons have been around for decades. Today, technology is increasingly folded into our everyday lives. Some 8.

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Tortured Mind Tortured Mind
Tortured Mind Tortured Mind
Tortured Mind Tortured Mind
Tortured Mind Tortured Mind
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