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Shocking and ridiculous reasons people have been asked to leave an aeroplane.

You can take a look at the results of the full survey here , but these were the 10 biggest takeaways from their confessions.

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Nearly 96 percent of the flight attendants surveyed cited onboard fire as a major fear while flying, more than any other situation. Which makes sense given its propensity to suck the oxygen out of the air and spread uncontrollably. It was just ahead of bombing at 83 percent and crashes at 79 percent.


Nearly half of all flight attendants said they were afraid of turbulence, too. A full Most airplanes are equipped with changing tables in the lavatories, but apparently, some people still think the rest of the plane would enjoy the odor of an exposed baby diaper — and think that the flight attendant would be just honored to throw it away for them.

So horrible that 84 percent of FAs cited people changing diapers on tray tables as the most annoying passenger behavior, first among FA annoyances. Though vaping on the plane was the second leading flight attendant annoyance like fear of childbirth, this might be a comment on life , people who stand as soon as the plane lands was next with 71 percent finding it infuriating. The other 29 percent probably only work in First Class. FAs also prefer that you not stretch in the galley Think about how you would feel if people kept coming up next to your desk and doing toe raises every five minutes.

Pressing the call button was also cited as a major annoyance 56 percent. Remember, they are there for your safety, not your convenience.

Sexual Assault Aboard Aircraft — FBI

About a third admitted to watering down drinks, and nearly two-thirds have refused to serve an overserved passenger. So did the rest of the plane. Just over 62 percent of flight attendants admitted to making fun of passengers to other crew members during a flight. Almost 12 percent made fun of them to their face. Only one in 20 flight attendants admitted to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on a flight, which still seems a little high.

And some have made the fantasy come true. A quarter of FAs have had sex with a fellow crew member while not in flight while 12 percent have hooked up with a pilot. Best of all, a full four percent admitted to having sex with a passenger or co-worker during a flight. Now you know what goes on behind those curtained-off sections on long hauls. Flight attendants are on to your whole sex-in-the-bathroom schtick.

Just under half — One document shows that Epstein not only failed to tell officials of two other countries he ended up visiting, but that he also notified them of his planned travel just four days before he planned to leave the United States — which was 17 days less than the minimum amount of notice he was required by law to give. The documents released by the Justice Department and Marshals Service were disclosed by the website MuckRock, which specializes in making public document requests and detailing their results. On Wednesday, French national police published an appeal on Twitter for victims of Epstein and witnesses to possible crimes by him, such as rape of minors, come forward to aid an investigation in that country.

Three victims already have contacted French authorities, the Paris prosecutor's office said, according to the Associated Press. Epstein, 66, died in August from what authorities have ruled a suicide by hanging in a federal jail in New York City. Epstein, a former friend of President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton, was being held without bail as he awaited trial in his case. His death remains under investigation by multiple agencies.

"As we went past the flight attendants on the way out, one said 'Be more subtle next time.'"

One of the documents released through MuckRock indicates that Epstein had no mental health concerns or suicidal tendencies at the time of his arrest in July. But the Marshals Service detention report detailing Epstein's 33 days in custody at the Manhattan Correctional Center says he had "mental concerns" and "suicidal tendencies" during his incarceration. Epstein was found in late July on the floor of his cell with marks on his neck.

He was placed on suicide watch for less than a week. Weeks later, he hanged himself, authorities have said.

An indictment issued in U. Epstein, who had pleaded not guilty in that case, had pleaded guilty in to a Florida state charge of procuring a person under age 18 for prostitution. He served 13 months in custody for that earlier case and was required to register as a sex offender.

Epstein had a well-known penchant for young women and girls, and an obsession with receiving "massages" from them several times a day.

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Prosecutors say those massages sometimes, if not always, included sexual contact. Prosecutors have said they are continuing to investigate the case , noting that Epstein was alleged to have been helped by conspirators who provided him with a stream of girls to satisfy his illicit cravings.

Mile high club

According to a Marshals Service report on Jan. That federal law requires "all registered sex offenders to report international travel to their respective sex offender registry at least 21 days prior to departure from the United States. Another Marshals report notes that on March 15, Epstein visited the Department of Justice's office on the island of St. Thomas, not far from his own private island, and spoke to a "Sex Offender Registry Coordinator.

That notification indicated that Epstein planned to travel to France from March 19 — just four days after the notification was signed — through March 29 with his private jet. However, "according to a public website that tracks flight activity, Epstein traveled on March 22, , to Vienna, Austria, and on March 27, , to Monaco," the report said. A report dated June 24, less than two weeks before Epstein was arrested, says that Marshals Service investigators met with an investigative reporter for the Miami Herald, whose series of stories about Epstein have been credited with sparking the interest of federal prosecutors in New York.

The reporter, whose name was redacted, told investigators that "she has an informant who worked at the airport and the informant stated that she has seen Epstein walking with girls under the age of 18 within the last seven months. James and fly to the airport to board Epstein's private plane," the report said.

On July 10, a Marshals inspector contacted an air traffic controller at the St. Thomas airport whose number was provided by the Herald reporter, a document shows. That controller told the inspector that between June and November "she has seen Epstein get off the plan with young girls," and recalled two specific times, "with the first being two girls who appeared to be eleven 11 to twelve 12 years old," the report says.

Another report said that a Marshals inspector in mid-July spoke to a federal prosecutor in the Virgin Islands about submitting a request for information about Epstein to authorities in "France, Austria and Morocco," and also spoke with the Customs and Border Protection agency about getting flight logs and records from Epstein's private plane.

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Sex me on the Airplane

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