Reflections on Revelations

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Reflections and Revelations

I am curious as to the ripple effect we could create if we made efforts to be kinder and gentler in the world. I wonder.

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I believe it is fairly safe to assume your life today does not look exactly as it does last year. Perhaps you have experienced personal growth and possibly learned something new.

Maybe you are living in a new place and inviting new people into your life. Reflect on the year that is coming to a close and notice the movements in life.

Reflections and Revelations Over Resolutions

Even if it does not seem like leaps and bounds, life is evolving even in the moments of pause. In order to know where you are going, you must first know where you have been. Once we have reflected on the movements that have occurred over the last year it is time to make some revelations. Each movement over the last year has gotten you to this exact moment in time.

This moment where you are reading these words right now. Every event, every breath, every blink of the eye has brought you here. Where is your path taking you and in what direction do you want to move next?

Topics I mull over ...

I think it is a bit ridiculous to wait for a specific date to become a better human. Making positive changes in life can begin at any moment we decide. Changes do not have to wait for the first of the year. The beginning of the month or week is no better time than today.

Bishop Robert Barron on The Book of Revelation

Begin where you are. Begin now.

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No, It’s Not Revelations, and It Is Not About That! Reflections on Revelation

Show menu Hide menu. Search Episodes Submit. How often do business owners take time to reflect and make space for revelations which re-shape how we work and how we help our clients? Could you make room for more of that? Enjoyed the show?

Reflections on Revelations
Reflections on Revelations
Reflections on Revelations
Reflections on Revelations
Reflections on Revelations
Reflections on Revelations
Reflections on Revelations

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