Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers

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I'm going to share your blog link with my Science Dept I think they're going to be excited! I don't teach science, but if I did, your blog would be my first stop What an amazing bunch of ideas! My husband teaches 8th grade Science and I know he will love these! Amy, I love the cross-curriculum aspect of these five lessons.

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What a generous post! No matter how bad a teacher is feeling to require a sub, they will definitely be feeling better knowing their sub plans are taken care of!

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These are such great lessons to be giving them away for free. Thanks, Amy, for the sub help for our science teachers. These look fantastic, but nothing happens when I click on them. Is anyone else having trouble? Hi Kristen. All images and the red text are clickable links that take you to the free product. All links are working for me. I am sorry you are having problems.

All of these materials can be found in the free section of my TpT store. As an English teacher, I love that you're teaching literacy skills in your science class! I've been trying to make STEM connections in my classes and have found excellent texts for my students to read with themes related to science topics. I'm a substitute teacher I have a question. As a sub I enjoy when I'm actually able to teach, not just supervise I've thought about making up some lessons, maybe something that would work with multiple grades and when I sub leaving a card or something and letting teachers know if they call me personally to sub our system allows for that they can pick one of my lessons to teach that day.

Is that something that would make you want to call a sub again? Thank you so much for this. I am a new Science teacher and I have 2 children so this will definitely be used at least once.

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You are so welcome - Glad to help! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and good luck in your teaching.

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Thank you so much! I'm glad I found these. I am a long term substitute and need emergency plans for when I'm out. I'm overwhelmed with enough other things so finding these as the flu and stomach virus season is hitting is perfect timing. We are even working on genetics right now!

Search My Blog. Prepare your sub folder NOW for your unexpected absence! Such is the nature of life. There are always going to be unexpected events in our lives that we have no control over. What you do have control over is how you handle them.

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Do you really want to be scrambling around in the dark at an trying to put together some materials to send to your substitute teacher? Well, I must admit, I have been that teacher. And you have, too! Let's change that right now. Here are 5 FREE lessons that you can download, print, and leave in your sub folder. When the unexpected happens to you, you can remain calm knowing that your students will have quality lessons to complete in your absence.

Of the 5 lessons listed and linked below, 4 of them can be used in any type of science class. If you teach, for example, a life science class and a physical science class, you can leave these four lessons for both classes. So here they are. It's tough to beat that.

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Bottom line : After watching OK Go music videos, kids will be excited to make new creations by integrating art, science, and math. Kids build, share, receive pro feedback with awesome engineering site. Real research powered by volunteers makes classroom content relevant. Bottom line : Engage in meaningful, relevant research with citizen scientists from around the world. Bottom line : This powerful and extensive set of math and science tools puts the learning in students' hands. Thoughtful tools teach STEM skills through music and creativity.

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Outdated site still useful for science games and investigations. Bottom line : Many of these interesting and highly educational activities, though a bit disorganized, still challenge and engage kids in important ways. Big questions, kids' curiosity drive impressive science curriculum. Bottom line : These powerful science units capitalize on elementary school students' natural curiosity. Collection of STEM simulations that students will love to explore. Bottom line : Tinybop Schools offers meaningful scientific exploration to students, particularly when partnered with good teaching and discussion.

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Family-focused site for learning AI well-suited to classrooms, too. Bottom line : Makes artificial intelligence and machine learning accessible to students of many ages and abilities. Dynamic data-exploration tool offers large collection of data sets. Bottom line : Partner with another teacher preferably a data whiz and work together to develop cross-curricular activities.

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Bottom line : A selection of online science simulations paired with a teacher dashboard to track progress. Bottom line : Perform a t-test or chi-square analysis using your own data or provided data sets. Bottom line : Biology teachers and students will find a lot of useful multimedia here to help them teach and understand complex genetics topics. Tons of climate change info from expert sources in one easy place.

Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers
Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers
Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers
Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers
Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers
Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers
Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers Physics Worksheets for Substitute Teachers

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