METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. YOU are a bodymind, not a body with a mind or vice versa. You are a verb, not a noun. You are fluid, constantly changing. The static you is a persistent illusion. You… your self, persona, ego…who you are… is a construct that is formed by the interaction of genetics, imprinting, and learning. You have little input into this process until after you have been thoroughly shape YOU are a bodymind, not a body with a mind or vice versa. You have little input into this process until after you have been thoroughly shaped by parents, peers and culture.

Now consider that this you that you now seem to be is, actually, very much like a fictitious character that may appear in a novel, play or movie and may be re-written, re-produced and re-performed, using the techniques of those media.

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One part of your character description that can effectively be re-written, re-produced and re-performed is your functional age, which is defined as a combination and interaction of your chronological, physiological, psychological, and emotional ages. Get A Copy. Nook , 0 pages. More Details Other Editions 4.

The Art of Aging Well

Still, one should keep in mind that lifestyle changes cannot be substituted for conventional treatment in patients with more aggressive forms of cancer. A recent study that followed healthy women over a short, 1-year period showed that for every major life stress event like illness, death of a family member or friend, financial, employment or marital problems that occurred during that time, there was a significantly greater decline in telomere length.

However, these impacts were ameliorated by healthy behaviors that included self-reported physical activity, typical food consumption, and sleep quality It seems likely that a combination of healthy behaviors has a stronger influence on telomere length than each factor alone The weakness of this study is that results are limited to postmenopausal and nonsmoking primarily Caucasian women that are highly educated, healthy, and have lower levels of stress than the national average.

In addition to lifestyle and diet, it is well known that better mental health greatly contributes to physical health as well. There are a few studies that directly link meditation and positive psychological change with telomerase activity showing that mental health is an adjustable factor associated with telomere length. In a pilot study of yogic meditation for depressed dementia caregivers, 23 subjects in the meditation group were randomized to practice Kirtan Kriya and 16 subjects in the relaxation group listened to relaxation music for 12 minutes per day for eight weeks.

Telomerase activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells was measured pre- and postintervention. This increase in telomerase activity can be associated with a lower level of stress-induced cellular aging In the study by Jacobs and colleagues, 60 men and women matched for age, sex, body mass index, and prior meditation experience were randomly divided into two groups.

Weak points in this study are the absence of a baseline measure of telomerase activity, relatively small sample size, and the control condition that did not match the experimental condition such that the control group was not spared from the stresses of everyday life However, a recent meta-analytic review based on participants in four initial randomized control trials indicates a positive correlation between mindfulness meditation and telomerase activity A more direct and so far the only serious attempt to combat aging through telomerase activation and telomere elongation is the use of TA, a dietary supplement isolated from the Chinese traditional medicine herb Astragalus membranaceus 98 , This approach opens up the possibility of health and life extension, or even rejuvenation, as has been demonstrated in transgenic animals 8— Although some expression of telomerase in normal somatic cells in culture was detected, the use of TA did not show significant effects on human subjects during a 1-year trial 98 , Since these trials were performed over a relatively short period of time, it will take years before some positive effects of TA on health and longevity become more obvious.

We live in an exciting era in which the research field of aging and senescence is quickly growing because the mechanisms of cell senescence and aging have been largely elucidated. Telomere shortening has been established as one of the main causes of cellular and organismal aging in higher mammals But before we discover an effective cure, we have the opportunity to modulate our aging through comprehensive lifestyle changes.

These findings may seem like common sense but they are based on hard scientific evidence about factors that are both beneficial or harmful for our health and aging. Armed with this knowledge, we can now monitor the aging process by measuring our telomere status through commercially available services and respond accordingly. Thus, for the first time we really can navigate our aging! Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

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It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Article Contents. Free Radical Effects on Telomeres. Conflict of Interest. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Mary Sopta. Goran Gajski. Vera Garaj-Vrhovac. Ivica Rubelj.

E-mail: rubelj irb. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Telomeres are dynamic chromosome-end structures that serve as guardians of genome stability. Telomeres , Human aging , Longevity , Dietary restriction. Open in new tab Download slide. Search ADS. Clearance of p16Ink4a-positive senescent cells delays ageing-associated disorders. Telomere length of the skin in association with chronological aging and photoaging. Google Preview. Bernardes de Jesus.

Telomerase gene therapy in adult and old mice delays aging and increases longevity without increasing cancer. Telomerase reactivation reverses tissue degeneration in aged telomerase-deficient mice. Extension of life-span by introduction of telomerase into normal human cells.

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An integrative review of factors associated with telomere length and implications for biobehavioral research. Telomeres and telomerase as therapeutic targets to prevent and treat age-related diseases.

Increased telomerase activity and comprehensive lifestyle changes: a pilot study. Effect of comprehensive lifestyle changes on telomerase activity and telomere length in men with biopsy-proven low-risk prostate cancer: 5-year follow-up of a descriptive pilot study. The effect of age, gender, diet and lifestyle on DNA damage measured using micronucleus frequency in human peripheral blood lymphocytes. The role of DNA damage and repair in aging through the prism of Koch-like criteria. De la Fuente. Accumulation of single-strand breaks is the major cause of telomere shortening in human fibroblasts.

Mitochondrial dysfunction accounts for the stochastic heterogeneity in telomere-dependent senescence. Association of telomere length with type 2 diabetes, oxidative stress and UCP2 gene variation. Free radicals, metals and antioxidants in oxidative stress-induced cancer.

Dietary total antioxidant capacity is associated with leukocyte telomere length in a children and adolescent population. Slow-down of age-dependent telomere shortening is executed in human skin keratinocytes by hormesis-like-effects of trace hydrogen peroxide or by anti-oxidative effects of pro-vitamin C in common concurrently with reduction of intracellular oxidative stress.

De Bacquer. Epidemiological evidence for an association between habitual tea consumption and markers of chronic inflammation.

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Chinese tea consumption is associated with longer telomere length in elderly Chinese men. Grape seed and skin extracts inhibit platelet function and release of reactive oxygen intermediates. Red wine and equivalent oral pharmacological doses of resveratrol delay vascular aging but do not extend life span in rats.

Resveratrol improves insulin resistance hyperglycemia and hepatosteatosis but not hypertriglyceridemia, inflammation, and life span in a mouse model for Werner syndrome. SRT extends survival of male mice on a standard diet and preserves bone and muscle mass. Association of marine omega-3 fatty acid levels with telomeric aging in patients with coronary heart disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids, oxidative stress, and leukocyte telomere length: a randomized controlled trial. Major dietary patterns are related to plasma concentrations of markers of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction. Nutrients, foods, dietary patterns and telomere length: update of epidemiological studies and randomized trials. Associations between diet, lifestyle factors, and telomere length in women. Colonocyte telomere shortening is greater with dietary red meat than white meat and is attenuated by resistant starch.

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Inflammatory mediators are induced by dietary glycotoxins, a major risk factor for diabetic angiopathy. Dietary patterns, food groups and telomere length: a systematic review of current studies. Early exclusive breastfeeding is associated with longer telomeres in Latino preschool children. Calorie restriction and aging: review of the literature and implications for studies in humans.

METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity

The effect of retarded growth upon the length of life span and upon the ultimate body size one figure. Impact of caloric restriction on health and survival in rhesus monkeys from the NIA study. Telomere dynamics in rhesus monkeys: no apparent effect of caloric restriction. Caloric restriction in humans: impact on physiological, psychological, and behavioral outcomes. Calorie restriction in biosphere 2: alterations in physiologic, hematologic, hormonal, and biochemical parameters in humans restricted for a 2-year period.

A 2-year randomized controlled trial of human caloric restriction: feasibility and effects on predictors of health span and longevity. Fasting vs dietary restriction in cellular protection and cancer treatment: from model organisms to patients. Dietary restriction with and without caloric restriction for healthy aging.

METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity
METHOD AGING and Improvisational Longevity

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