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Jackie found herself in a position where she had to denounce the book and its publisher in order to maintain her delicate and guarded relationship with the family.

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That necessarily would have been before Feb. But Mrs. Onassis—who has remained virtually mute on the controversy—informed us through a spokesperson that the first she heard of the book was on March 2, when two luncheon companions disclosed the existence of the novel. Not until then, Onassis recounts, did she ask her boss, Guinzburg, about the book.

The Kennedy clan had given Jackie plenty of flak—more than enough reason for her to feel compelled to repudiate the book and discredit Guinzburg. His story remained consistent through the years up until his death in September He was adamant that he consulted with Jackie about the book before he agreed to the deal. Former Viking insiders all agreed that Guinzburg had adored Jackie, and they found it hard to believe that he would have risked her displeasure over such a questionable book.

Meanwhile, Guinzburg was desperate to speak with Jackie, but other than one brief telephone conversation during which he pleaded with her to meet, he was put off from further contact by Nancy Tuckerman. Onassis has made to Viking over the past two years would obviously have been an overriding factor in the final decision to publish any particular book which might cause her further anguish.

Guinzburg told members of his staff that he had discussed the book with Jackie as a courtesy before agreeing to its publication. Rising editor Amanda Vaill had a meeting with him in his office just after he had agreed to purchase the Archer novel. If you wanted to do it, you would just go ahead and publish it. As spokesperson, Smith would have put her on the defensive as far as the role she had played in its publication.

Of course, memory can be a traitor, especially with emotionally charged events in the distant past. Years later Jackie suggested in the last interview of her life with Publishers Weekly in that she had never been consulted by Guinzburg about the Archer novel.


When Jackie Kennedy became Jackie Onassis and the world shuddered

As she was not specifically quoted on the subject but paraphrased, it may be that she miscommunicated during the interview or was misunderstood. Whatever she may have said, it was clear that Jackie was distressed by the memory of her ungraceful exit from Viking for the rest of her life.

Behind The Scenes of The Kyle and Jackie O Show TV Commercial & Shoot [2016]

If I had been older and more seasoned in the ways of the world, I might have considered the possibility that she simply felt embarrassed about the way things were being done. In hindsight, this does make sense. She must have known that to many this deliberate slap would appear to be an act of justified retaliation made in response to reprehensible conduct on his part. It was more like a blowtorch ending to a personal relationship. It was her word against mine, and it was just as much my fault. I was pretty staunch for a while that morning with all these reporters calling, but The Boston Globe was the one who got me.

Intent on maintaining her relationship with Ted and the family, Jackie apparently caved in to that pressure with her blanket denial that she had been consulted. I mean, we can always find another book. Any publisher can. He did the correct, open, transparent, straightforward thing. And she agreed with it. But both of them had neglected to take fully into consideration the wrath of the Kennedys and the way the press would distort it. Jackie did not entirely forget her Viking friends, but the episode had surely been traumatic, and she kept her distance from Guinzburg and her former colleagues in the aftermath.

She was soon making plans to land on her feet by changing houses, with encouragement from her friends Tuckerman and Drew. The October 24, , issue of Time reported that Jackie was now unemployed, with a headline that read, situation wanted, references available. She gently raised the question about working there. I said it would be a safe haven. Nancy was there, and Jackie had known John Sargent Sr. She felt there were enough people there to protect her, that it was safe to risk exposure one more time.

I asked her later why it took her a few months to decide. At her new publishing house, she again worked hard at being a team player with her colleagues, eventually blending seamlessly if not quite invisibly into her new workplace. She was not full-time, and she had everything in the world, so naturally there was that perception among the troops that this was just a diversion for her.

The Sydney Morning Herald

With her office as a shelter a few days a week, Jackie settled into a routine that ensured her a modicum of privacy against the continual barrage of publicity. The move from Viking to Doubleday was a major change in scale and corporate culture for Jackie, with a marked shift in publishing-company policies. It was the only publisher with its own printing press at the time. Jackie was going to face a serious challenge as she demanded the highest production values for her books.

John Sargent Sr. His son, John Sargent Jr. My dad will no doubt take it to the grave with him; if they were anything more than friends, none of us ever knew it. He was a very popular guy in those years. We could never figure out what exactly the Jackie relationship was. But I believe she was simply a friend and confidante; Dad hired her at a moment that was important for her.

Despite her friends and gracious welcome at Doubleday, Jackie did not make an easy transition to her new corporate family. Former Doubleday V. There was one routine task Jackie would have to do. In order to win approval for acquiring a book for the house, she now had to face weekly meetings with an editorial and marketing committee. This was a relatively new modus operandi in the publishing world with its emerging mega-conglomerates. There was basically no business department But gradually over the years that pyramid ended, and the editors wound up at the bottom. I think she regarded books as a form of magic.

Editor is a formidable stealth position: an editor can launch 20 books a year into the culture; a writer, maybe one every few years. Bloggers need reminding that books change lives and societies I think that Jackie found she could have a conversation with the elite or leadership class, and sometimes the rest of us, through her books. She attended maybe once a month. She lost these battles.

But as an editor she was one of us. We had these kind of Gong Show publishing boards that you had to go to. Horst P. Jack and Jackie relax at home with their first child, Caroline. Slim Aarons Getty Images. Jackie on the campaign trail for her husband Jack's presidential run. Jackie Kennedy with newborn son, John F. Kennedy Jr. Jacqueline Kennedy stands along side her husband at his inauguration.

A Look Back at Jackie Kennedy Onassis's Iconic Style

Jackie Kennedy wears her signature pillbox hat while attending an event as First Lady. John F. Kennedy Library Getty Images. Jackie tours the Theater of Epidaurus on a visit to Greece. Mirrorpix Getty Images. Darren McCollester Getty Images. Getty Images Getty Images. Jackie Kennedy poses in front of the Taj Mahal on a visit to India.

Jackie Onassis | US news | The Guardian

Jackie sits in a classroom while visiting daughter Caroline's school. PhotoQuest Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Jackie Kennedy. Dated Madonna. Jackie O. Jackie Kennedy and I. The Last Love of Jackie Kennedy.

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