If I Were President

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Islamophobia is more prominent than ever especially with the current people holding political power. This can be solved by having more diversity in schools and in the workplace. No stereotype is accurate and they are always based off of ignorance. If I were the president, I would do as much as I could for children to stop being homophobic and to become more open minded of each other. In future presidential elections, we need to be more careful about who we elect, because the president has an enormous impact on opinions, schooling and housing.

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If I Were President

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And we need to restore quality to all goods being produced in the United States.

The car industry did it. All segments of the economy need to do it.

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If I Were President If I Were President
If I Were President If I Were President
If I Were President If I Were President
If I Were President If I Were President
If I Were President If I Were President
If I Were President If I Were President

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