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Provenance : George Harrison played this Australian-made guitar during the summer of while his Gretsch Country Gentleman was being repaired and he never actually owned it. The guitar was borrowed from Barratts Music Store in Manchester England and he liked it so much he kept it for July and August when Beatlemania was taking off in England. Provenance : Thisguitar was ordered by Eric Clapton in , around the 50th anniversary ofFender. Clapton wanted something that could hang in a museum, so the companymade him a custom fender plated with 23 carat gold. Fenders' original Gold Leaf guitar was a custom order for Eric Clapton at the time of Fenders' 50 th Anniversary in The guitar also contributed to the recording of Another Brick In The Wall Part 3 and in the live shows in support of the album.

Gilmour also used the Les Paul during the early recording sessions for what would become his solo album On An Island. The Gretsch White Penguin is a solid-body Falcon and one of the rarest and most collectable American vintage guitars with a total output of around 50 guitars.

100 Greatest Guitarists

David Gilmour had wanted a Gretsch White Penguin for some time, and this guitar was purchased for Gilmour's collection in July and kept for home and studio use. Gilmour told Christie's, "at some point I heard there was a sister or brother guitar to the White Falcon and set around to find one of those. It's a lovely instrument with something all of its own. These guitars can be so similar, same make, but they sing out in a different way.

I've played it a lot, it's a lovely, lovely thing. The first Rosewood Telecaster was made by sandwiching thin layers of maple wood between a solid rosewood top and back. As one of the two makers, Philip Kubicki, recalls, "I spent hours sanding the bodies to perfection. Then, the historians say, Harrison's guitar was flown to England in its own seat accompanied by a courier, and hand-delivered to the Apple offices in December The guitar was one of George's favorites and he used it on the Get Back sessions, the final roof-top performance on January 30 and a final performance on the following day at the Apple Studios.

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It was soon after this that The Beatles disbanded. Harrison gave the guitar to Delaney Bramlett, who had taught Harrison to play slide guitar, and who invited Harrison to join his group for some shows in England and Denmark. Bramlett has said that during the tour, he and Harrison would often switch guitars during the shows, but he loved that Rosewood Telecaster and would play it whenever he could.

There was a lot of speculation among collectors, historians and Beatles fans as to where the guitar was and Bramlett said that Harrison had joked with him that he should sell it before someone killed him for it. In it was again offered at auction, two years after George Harrisons' death.

It was bought, on behalf of Olivia Harrison, by the actor Ed Begley, and so returned home. Christie's Gilmour told Christie's, "I loved Fender Stratocasters, I loved Hank Marvin playing the Fender Stratocaster… The Stratocaster was my boyhood dream guitar and sometimes it's hard to wean yourself off that sort of thing. Gilmour purchased this guitar in a second-hand shop in England in summer With a similar rosewood neck to his first white Strat, the guitar had been hand painted in white over its original white finish.

It was first used publicly at the Pop Deux Festival de St. Tropez in Gilmour can be seen playing the guitar in footage of both the sound check and full concert, recorded for French television show Pop Deux. Gilmour personally stripped the guitar back to its natural wood finish at his flat on London's Old Brompton Road in the early s, after which it was fitted with Dawson Stereophonic pickups in and kept for studio use.

Gilmour particularly liked the sound of the middle pickup on this guitar.

1 | Dave Gilmour's 'Black Strat' | 1969/1983 Fender Stratocaster

It was custom-made in and presented to the group in while they were working on the 'Magical Mystery Tour' album. Lennon even attached a plaque to the back of the guitar declaring his friendship. Magic Alex was one of Lennon's closest friends from to , with John standing as best man at his wedding in May The guitar features a scroll design, a hollow body, a single f-hole and a fret rosewood fret board with rectangular inlays.

Vernon requested several custom adjustments to personalize the guitar for Elvis, including changing the finish of the guitar to ebony, reported to be chosen to represent Elvis' recently earned black belt in karate, and the stunning acanthus script inlay of "Elvis Presley" on the fingerboard. Crowning the guitar and recognizing Elvis' achievement was the application of the Kenpo Karate decal on the body of the guitar. The guitar appears to have been completed and gifted to Elvis in Presley began using the guitar that year and is photographed performing with it often between and , including, most famously, during Presley's televised and broadcasted Aloha From Hawaii concert, noted as the first televised program to be beamed around the world by satellite.

The story ends in generosity when, in , at a concert in Asheville, North Carolina, Presley gave the guitar to audience member Mike Harris. It was Presley's last show of a three-night tour.

'I was high everywhere'

Presley was in the middle of the song "See See Rider" when Presley gave the guitar to a shocked Harris. Accounts vary as to what Presley said to Harris, from the prophetic "You keep the guitar. I gave it to you for a reason. Someday it will help you out. Hopefully, it'll be valuable one day. Christie's Purchased from Ovation Instruments in , this Custom Legend became one of David Gilmour's longest serving instruments, carried on every Pink Floyd and solo tour since and famously used to write and record the original demo that became Comfortably Numb. If you are a guitar nutter, read Christie's lot essay on this g uitar and you will be captivated.

An historic guitar used by American music icon Bob Dylan from the late s, and played through his entire set at George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh. The guitar was also used during his entire "Rolling Thunder Revue" tour from October 30, to May 25, , as well as countless other dates. In , he sold the guitar to noted guitar-tech and musician not to mention, Dylan's guitar repairman at the time! Larry Cragg.

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According to Leon he told Jimi that he was going to start a band. Jimi asked him if he had a guitar. Leon said no and so Jimi gave him the Fender. Leon kept it for nearly 50 years and put it up for auction in Regardless, the resultant price was a disappointment.

Best Jazz Guitarists Of All Time: A Top 50 Countdown | uDiscover

An unimpeachable provenance is key to a sound investment in this game. The official auction description explains the history of the guitar but Hendrix traveled with several Stratocasters and Judge for yourself. It was Leo Fender's first prototype for the Fender Telecaster, the world's first commercial solid-body, single-cutaway electric guitar.

In , LeoFender developed his first prototype of the Broadcaster, but it went under thename of Fender Esquire. The solid body was made in pine, with a single pick-up and around 50 were made, but none had a truss rod and a number were returnedwhen the neck warped. Later versions were made of solid ash and did have atruss rod. A two-pickup version, maybe the firsttwo-pickup guitar ever made, wasdeveloped in June and was named the Broadcaster with the originalone-pickup version retaining the name Esquire.

At that time theGretsch company had been marketing a drum set under the name of "Broadkaster"and asked Fender to drop the name Broadcaster. It did, and the guitar was renamed the Telecaster. Fender did ship someBroadcasters with only the Fender decal, and no model name. They were called,euphemistically, the "Nocaster" and, now, are very sought-after collectorsitems in their own right. While theTelecaster has become one of Fender's more popular models it had its beginningsas the humble Esquire.

Guernseys Provenance : Just 14 of these guitars were ever made, and fewer than 10 are still known to exist. It is regarded by many as the most beautiful, the most collectible and the most valuable guitar that Martin ever made and it's sound is also beyond compare. In the late s, the perfect storm for the creation of the Martin OM Deluxe was about to develop. During that era every guitar manufacturer aspired to make the finest guitars imaginable.

The market was booming. Innovation was rampant, and craftsmanship was outstanding. Then came the stock market crash of which catalyzed the Great Depression. Martin, like all companies, was forced to lay off all but its most skilled craftsmen and guitars were produced in small numbers. The up-side, of course, was that the guitars that were manufactured were made by the finest guitar craftsmen that the world, possibly, has ever seen.

Certainly, the Martin OM stands testimony to that. This example is exquisite and quite possibly the finest Martin OM offered for sale in the last 30 years. Christie's Provenance : There are no photos of John Lennon playing this instrument and he himself never mentioned owning a Senator.


But did Lennon? The guitar's history was certainly hyped-up when in this Senator was displayed in the lobby at the home of AEI Music in Seattle. It is doubted that the Senator ever saw the insides of Abbey Road and it is well documented that the guitar Lennon used on the aforementioned songs was a Gibson JE. She provided a letter from George Harrison, to her, with Harrison calling it "one of the first guitars of John's going back to Liverpool. Provenance : The original Les Paul.

Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6) Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)
Guitar Gods Folk Heroes (Guitar Gods Music Series Book 6)

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