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The Drive: Devil's Run

This hardtop convertible hasn't seen much of a visual overhaul since it's inception in Under the hood is a different matter entirely.

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What was V6 is now V8, only takes 4. The three-letter badge on the back never looked so good. This update we'll be replaying 4 special events concurrently.

Crowder - Run Devil Run (Official Music Video)

Eligibility for each Special Event rerun is based on ownership of the previous cars. Then you'll be able to reattempt the Lamborghini Murcielago special event. Earned that too?


Now you can work to earn the Skyline BNR34, and so forth. We've added new filtering options to both the Garage, as well as the pre-race car selection. Please note that while we do our best to get you your rewards in a timely manner and at the best delivery cost we can, you may not necessarily receive your rewards before the product makes it into distribution in your own country or before it's made available in conventions and special promotion opportunities. We hope that the special price and exclusive items you will get during the Kickstarter will make up for any such possible lag.

However, if this is something that is not acceptable to you, please do not back this project, and instead wait for the retail release.

Lake Region RadioWorks - Devils Run

Thank you for your understanding. The team behind Word Forge Games have been involved in over half a dozen Kickstarters, either as contributors or as part of the planning and delivery teams. We have learnt a lot. This is logistically a relatively small project, being a boxed game, rather than a table top game , we have produced a lot of what we can up front including most of the models and artwork and we know where to source the bits we need to.

Also importantly, this is a non-licensed product, meaning we completely control our deadlines and our own IP, ideas and the actualisation of them. We promise to keep all our backers updated on a weekly basis and we will let you know as soon as we do if there is a problem and importantly how we resolve it and the impact on the project.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Be-Spoked: Choose which Add-ons you want. May 8, - May 31, 23 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. The Devil's Run: Route Buy Now! Word Forge Games. Share this project. Example of some of the Devil's Run vehicles.

Final product 'Blue' resin model of the Meteor. The Devil's Run Board Tiles. Each is 28x28cm. Choose your Add-ons. Work out the cost and pledge that amount Now includes extra bike KS only.

Any of the above can be selected as Goodies to add to your pledge. KS Exclusive. These four Buggies work as a team. Each vehicle is brightly coloured and s music can be heard blasting from all of them The Cadence set will come with 1 Bike, 2 Torsos and 4 Character cards Cadence and Judy who are unique and Judge and Juror cards which can be played in multiples. Recently 'elected' to head up the Haul's Angels after the demise of their previous president. Little is currently known about this fella but man, he does look cool! Nightdriver is a man with all the kit, he can often be heard talking to his car as he interacts with its light up display Also includes M. Honey and Eugene Character Cards. Kickstarter Exclusive: This vehicle comes with four playable character cards.


All four can be played as a gang: The Interceptors. A man of little words, but that will happen when your tongue has been cut out. The Meteor is slow to start but once its wound up its near impossible to beat! Designed specifically for conversion of any 20mm scale vehicle including, for example Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys. Designed specifically for conversion of any 20mm scale vehicle including, for example, Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys.

Devils Run Devils Run
Devils Run Devils Run
Devils Run Devils Run
Devils Run Devils Run
Devils Run Devils Run
Devils Run Devils Run

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