Der Humbug (German Edition)

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Obst-Döner - frische Sommeridee oder Humbug?

Humbug bah Humbug! Providence was… Infektionsweg folderol. Comment "common" is relative; it's used, but not a lot in AE at least. Comment well even if we did use it commonly, we'd never say "That's humbug!

Translation Fiddlesticks 3 Author Myotis 07 Oct 08, Translation Bah, Humbug! Translation Bollocks!

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Multi – Humbug unter dem Deckmantel der Creepypasta - 10.000€ Challenge! [#rayge]

Man visits hooker. Taking off her panties, she reveals an enormous cock.

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Man muttering : Humbug. Not another tranny.

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Applies to previous example context, though definition is incorrect in its specificity. A humbug is a very rare insect that crawls up your butt when you sleep, and starts humming songs. Jake : you hear that noise?

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  8. Jim : yeah its just my humbug, no wirries bro. What you get if you cross a Hummer with a VW. What's that he's driving?

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    A Humbug! Humbugs unknown. The ladybugs , stinkbugs, or the like that nest in stored Christmas decorations and come alive at the unpacking.


    I rarely rant on FB. But, I have stink bugs in my Christmas tree , and a tick on my ass. Bah humbugs! Hum Bug unknown.

    Der Humbug (German Edition) Der Humbug (German Edition)
    Der Humbug (German Edition) Der Humbug (German Edition)
    Der Humbug (German Edition) Der Humbug (German Edition)
    Der Humbug (German Edition) Der Humbug (German Edition)
    Der Humbug (German Edition) Der Humbug (German Edition)
    Der Humbug (German Edition) Der Humbug (German Edition)

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