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Millard paints a portrait of an arbitrary system that determines who lives and who dies primarily on the basis of race and class. Millard appeals to Governor Edwin Edwards directly, but the governor has already decided against granting a stay based on political concerns.

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At the Pardon Board hearing, the chairman, Howard Marsellus who will later be convicted of taking bribes in exchange for pardons , agrees with Millard and Prejean that the death penalty punishes poor men. While waiting for the board to make a decision, Prejean meets Lloyd LeBlanc, the father of one of the murdered teenagers.

Patrick is moved to the death house. Patrick has his last meal and talks fondly about his life. Millard Farmer and another death row attorney, Bill Quigley, arrive at the prison. Prejean walks behind Patrick.

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Patrick apologizes to Lloyd LeBlanc for his crime and tells Prejean he loves her. At A. She helps raise money for a full-time death row attorney.

For a time, Prejean believes she will never go back to death row, but on a spiritual retreat she decides she must continue to fight against capital punishment. Prejean eventually agrees to become spiritual advisor to a man in his late twenties, Robert Willie. After learning that Robert brutally raped and murdered a teenage girl, Faith Hathaway, Prejean is briefly afraid of meeting him.

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Robert is eager for Prejean to visit him, but first Prejean has to convince the new prison warden that rumors of her emotional involvement with Patrick are false and that she does not represent a security hazard. To raise awareness about the death penalty, Prejean has helped organize a three-day march from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. The march takes place shortly after Prejean meets Robert.

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In Baton Rouge, they meet a counterdemonstration. Vernon cannot get past his overwhelming grief. Prejean confronts Robert with his crime and asks him to think about the grief he has caused.

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He says he is sorry about what happened and blames the murder on Joe Vaccaro, his accomplice. Robert asks Prejean to look over the files he has prepared. Prejean asks the Pardon Board members not to participate in a system they know to be unjust. The Pardon Board rules against Robert unanimously. Howard Marsellus, the Pardon Board chairman, later describes to Prejean the corruption within the Pardon Board and apologizes for his participation in it. Major Cody, the man responsible for the death house, tells Prejean about the haunting effect executions have had on him.

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The rising culture of infantilism, flotation tanks and spiritual therapy is considered in chapter Failed Escapes. The authors refer to instances of suicides by employers in large industries. I found the authors conclusions in the postscript confusing and, again, seemed to work within the context of the quotes they were using, in this instance from Stephen King. I found Dead Man Working to be very readable and generally well and clearly written. The tone is informative and encourages discussion given the bleakness and philosophical denseness of much of the subject matter. It is not oversimplified and does not use jargon without qualifying what is meant. Printer friendly page.

The short work is in six concise chapters.

Dead Man Working Dead Man Working
Dead Man Working Dead Man Working
Dead Man Working Dead Man Working
Dead Man Working Dead Man Working
Dead Man Working Dead Man Working
Dead Man Working Dead Man Working

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