Black Feathers

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Black Feathers

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Have fun in… Read more. My flat is managed by a management team, and they're happy to help you. You can contact the provided phone numbers, or email addresses any time you need. Languages: English, Magyar.

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Black Feather

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The Black Feathers - The Ghosts Have Eaten Well - Official Video [HD]

Additional shipping information is available during the checkout process. The birds-of-paradise mass-produce similar forests, using only biological materials, at body temperature. But McCoy has created a similar demonstration with her super-black feathers. In the image below, you can see two feathers, both of which have been sprinkled with gold dust.

The left one is from the lesser melampitta—a bird of average blackness—and it looks as golden as its surroundings. The right one comes from a paradise riflebird—one of the 42 species of bird-of-paradise. Yes, it is covered in gold dust.

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  7. And yes, it still looks black. The gold settles within the grooves of microscopic forest, and all of its glitter is lost.

    The Black Feathers

    This opens up several other questions, says Rafael Maia from Columbia University, who studies the evolution of bird colors. Many animals and plants use microscopic structures to produce exceptionally vivid colors with metallic sheens; this is called iridescence. Comparably fewer species use microscopic structures for the opposite purpose: to absorb colors entirely. These include a few butterflies and the Gaboon viper. The viper—whose fangs, at two inches, are the longest of any snake—likely uses its super-black scales for camouflage, breaking up its outline so that the rest of its body better blends into the leaf litter of a rainforest.

    The birds-of-paradise, meanwhile, probably use their unfeasibly black blacks for the same thing that seems to motivate everything about them: sex.

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    A super-black frame inhibits this ability, so nearby colors look like they are very bright—even glowing. The male birds use this illusion to great effect.

    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers Black Feathers
    Black Feathers

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