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That the Community Centre really does belong to the people of Moe. We stream through the front doors, rubber-necked, smelling that wonderful brand-new building smell of new carpet and washed glass windows and shiny fittings.

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Which the kids here have never smelled before — not in Moe. It smells like new money. We criss-cross and wander between aisles of books and computers and magasines and DVDs and small meeting spaces, bright with natural light from skylights and great window-walls and soft electric lighting. And times more flash.

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The Young Adults room has three screens ready for DVDs or whatever else young adults do with screens, looks out over the train station and hills and blue sky beyond, and has an air of privacy as if local teens have already taken ownership of this room. We try out the many couches, beanbags and padded bench-seats and even some little horse-like creatures designed for toddlers but big and strong enough to be sat on by adults.

In the southern foyer, people sit at tables eating their lunch. We open doors into rooms called Meeting Room 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 that have gigantic interactive screens that work just like touch-screen computers; you can use your hands to paint pictures on them, pick things up and move them about on the screen.

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A guy who works here tells me community groups can use these rooms and kitchen for free. We look through the glass-wall at the large room set aside for the new cafe, right next to the library. We ride up and down in the lift which is walled by shiny mirrors that reflect our smiles from ear to ear. A fabulous lift that looks like something you might see in a fancy hotel in Melbourne if you ever went to one.

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  • We climb the stairs to discover a platform that is made of glass, or something that looks like glass. Kids jump up and down excitedly; adults tap their feet. Through the western full-length windows, the trainline disappears around a bend above which you can see the twin plumes of coalsmoke from Yallourn North power station.

    Looking east, the trainline disappears around another bend into the lush, green farms and bush and hills of western Gippsland. A train is coming. All the kids touch the glass, watching, as The Big Banger the clanking, beloved red train that has rattled through Moe for years charges into the station, pauses then roars off again; except that standing on the inside looking out, you can hardly hear a thing. Our new community space and library is virtually soundproof.

    Our new Community Centre has the potential to transform — indeed, has already transformed — the people of Moe.

    Because we're worth it

    It will be a wonderful place for art exhibitions and community meetings and book clubs and study groups and, in the spring time, the rooftop lawns will be a lovely meeting place. Home Media Center Archive.

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    Because we're worth it Title translated into English Because we're worth it Film: Duration in minutes minutes Content It is a short documentary film where we confront young hairstyling students and their expectations with two cases from real life, a hairstylist that for years had to stop working because of severe hand eczema, and another that had to abandon her career as a stylist for good because of joint pain in the shoulders.

    Message The film focuses on the value of prevention of especially hand eczema and muscle and joint pain. Background Hairstylists only last 8.

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    • Target Group The target audience is hairstyling apprentices.

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