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Haley and two other firefighters had responded to a truck driver's call about a car fire Dec. He saw Chambers in the middle of the road, clothed in her underwear and no bra. After wrapping a blanket around her, Haley walked Chambers to the back of his fire truck. When "she couldn't go anymore," he laid her down, and she reached out for his hand.

Jewel's Espeon Love Story: Part 6: The Choice

He asked her name and she responded "Jessica Tambers. Haley told the seven-man, five-woman jury that he knew Chambers before that night, but the two were not friends.

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Courtland has about residents. The trial is happening in the Panola County seat here less than 10 miles from the scene of the crime. Because of worries that Tellis — a black man eight years older than the white, teenaged Chambers — would not receive a fair trial amid all the publicity in the unsettling case, the jury was selected more than miles south in Pike County, Miss.

On the witness stand, he backtracked, saying he was in a daze when he made his initial report. I did not personally hear her say 'Eric. A lawyer on Tellis' defense team, Darla Palmer, is using Haley's initial statement as a foundation of her client's defense. In Palmer's opening statement Tuesday, she said at least eight first responders in the trial expected to last two weeks will testify that Chambers said someone named Eric had set her on fire.

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Prosecutors believe that Tellis intentionally went to the store after Chambers' attack, creating an alibi for himself. The first series was the reboot of Doctor Who, making it return to the screen after a silence of fifteen years. The driving force for the reboot was Russel T Davies , who already had garnered a fine reputation as a TV writer. Playing the Doctor in this series is Christopher Eccleston, sadly in his only series as the Doctor, with Rose Billie Piper as his companion.

Most movies aren't this good, and this double episode introduced the Moffat approach of combining fright and wit. The other cherry pick I'd make from the first series is Dalek , which reintroduces the Doctor's iconic enemy in a story for them that still hasn't been surpassed.

Rickie Fowler: 'I won’t Fowl up at Celtic Manor'

The first series also has one of the better story arcs, so may be worth doing the full series, if only to really enjoy the final two-parter which isn't worth watching without that context. A tip if you do watch the whole series: don't watch the trailer for the next episode at the end of Boom Town , as it gives away an important part of the plot of Bad Wolf. The second series has David Tennant playing the tenth Doctor [2]. My main cherry pick here is again the Moffat episode: The Girl in the Fireplace.

The third series continued with David Tenant but brought in a new companion: Martha. You do need to have watched a few Whos to really get into the Doctor's nature and character to appreciate this one, I'd suggest watching the series 4 picks first. For the fourth series Tenant was joined by the already well-known comedienne Catharine Tate as the companion Donna.

But there are also other great highlights here. The Unicorn and the Wasp is probably the most out-and-out comedy in Who, a wonderful send-up of the Agatha Christie country house murder mystery featuring Agatha herself, as only Who can.

Jupiter and Venus to meet in the night sky as rare conjunction occurs

Russel Davis also came up with a taut character-driven thriller Midnight. I also really enjoyed Turn Left , but am not sure whether to recommend it here as it makes many references to non-cherry-picked episodes. However I think you can still enjoy it without following those references, if only for some great acting from Tate and Bernard Cribbins.

After the fourth season there was a year of specials, which generally isn't counted as a series. From this set, I'd pick The Waters of Mars , which was a fine take on the "base under seige" style of Who plot. With series 5 there was a wholesale change. Russel Davies gave up the role of showrunner, handing over to Moffat. Tenant also gave up the role of the Doctor. Matt Smith became the eleventh Doctor, and we got a new companion in Amy, later joined by her husband Rory.

River Song becomes an important character in various episodes in series 5 and 6 after this. Series 5 is also another good series to watch all the way through, with good development up to the finale. But if you want to stay with cherry picking, do watch Amy's Choice , and perhaps Vincent and the Doctor [3]. One of the traditions of New Who is to have a Christmas special episode for broadcast on Christmas Day. Davis did the earlier christmas specials, and I don't put any of them on my pick list.

The unresolved question from this episode may entice you to watch this whole series, and that's not a bad choice. Series 7 is a series of two distinct parts, with a halfway split seeing the departure of Amy and Rory and the arrival of the new companion Clara. My cherry-picking suggestion here is to see The Asylum of the Daleks first which sort-of introduces Clara.

Then see The Snowmen which picks up the Doctor after he is sadly separated from Amy and Rory and sort-of introduces him to Clara. Moffat does some clever meta-textual stuff here, which you can only appreciate fully if you're a completist but those two episodes still stand strong even without fully getting the meta-text in the background. Series 7 finishes with the Big Event episode of Who so far, the 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor , broadcast 50 years after the first episode. Naturally there's a huge amount of references for the fans in this episode, which unites both Tenant and Smith's Doctor, together with John Hurt's sort-of Doctor.

It still stands alone for pickers, so don't let the lack of background stop you watching it. Before you do, however, catch the minisode: the The Night of the Doctor on youtube. It's a remarkable coup of story-writing to get so much into a seven minute episode although it does help to know that Paul McGann played the eighth Doctor, the one that immediately preceded the New Who period.

With series 8, Peter Capaldi takes on the role of the twelfth Doctor, and brings a darker, less charming Doctor to the scene. Not everyone liked this take on the character, but I do as it reminds me of My Doctor the 3rd - Jon Pertwee. It also is my favorite full-series arc, with some great character development and interplay between the Doctor and Clara. For cherry pickers, however, I'd pick out Into the Dalek , Listen , Kill the Moon , and Mummy on the Orient Express , but ensure you see the others before you see Mummy on the Orient Express since that last episode gains a lot from getting familiar with Capaldi's Doctor.

As I write this, the latest Doctor Who episode was Last Christmas , the latest Christmas Special, which is also a pick for its wonderful mashup of Alien, Santa Claus, and another movie you'll recognize. So how about Classic Who? There's lots of Classic Who, but if you're going to explore it, I should pick out a couple of places to start.

Unlike New Who which goes for single or double episodes, Classic Who had short serials of half hour episodes.

At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story
At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story
At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story
At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story
At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story
At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story
At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story At Midnight: Choice Fowlers Story

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